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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine manufacturers Avatar
Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine manufacturers
Created by fish46a on Feb, 17 2020 with 1 Members

Company Profile SHANGHAI XINHUA is founded in year of 2006 and located in shanghai china. We dedicated in manufacturing and selling excellent quality and smoothly running labeling machine In global packaging machine and labeling machine industry. SHANGHAI XINHUA machinery is real professional manufacturer and factory of shrink sleeve label machine, hot melt glue opp bottle labeling machine,sticker labeling machine ,shrink label hot air heat shrink tunnel, shrink label wrapping machine,and vapor steam shrink tunnel machine. Our equipment is designed and configured specifically for customer factory, product, and production requirements to maximize efficiency and ensure suitability for label application. By over 12 years of experience in labeling industry, we have developed into a top professional labeling machine manufacturer in china. Our XINHUA brand shrink label applicator machine ,shrink tunnel machine and PACKSOUL brand bottle opp labeling machine and sticker labeling machine have been widely received and praised by domestic and foreign customers. Of all the Chinese factories, we have the most comprehensive technology of manufacturing labeling machine for different kinds of containers. We have rich experience in almost all types of container labeling machine manufacturing .According to different products and containers,we have targeted labeling solution and technology for designing corresponding labeling machine for various kinds of products such as round bottle,oval bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, irregular shaped bottle, plastic bottle, PET bottle, HDPE bottle, glass bottle, water bottle, juice bottle, jars,yogurt cup, bowl, tube, can, E-liquid ,edible oil, adhesive packaging tape, cosmetics, beverage, pesticide, medicine, adhesive tape,etc. The rich experience in diversity of different container labeling machine application makes us different and outstanding from other manufacturers in china. Our Customers Components SourceShrink Sleeve Labeling Machine manufacturers website: website2:

China Vascular Guide Catheter Avatar
China Vascular Guide Catheter
Created by fish46a on Feb, 17 2020 with 1 Members

Our History Established in the year of 2015, Barty was committed to the R&D of vascular intervention including cardiovascular and peripheral system. Our product line includes: paclitaxel-eluting catheter, introducer sheath, angiography catheter, guide catheter,Hp ptca& pta balloon catheter as well as DES,BMS etc. By far, We have got CE certification, ISO13485, free sale certification, dozens of patents on our products, and started to promoting to the domestic and overseas markets. Our Factory With the building area of 5,000 square meters, our factory is a Million level purification (local hundred level) clean workshop in line with the "GMP" requirements, in which equipped with our professional facilities and workers. Most of them are in the field for decades under the directions of our best senior engineer. Our Product Paclitaxel eluting PTCA balloon catheter, Introducer sheath set, angiography catheter, guide catheter, balloon catheter for coronary and peripheral systems and other vascular interventional devices. Product Application Our products are applicable in the vascular intervention of coronary and peripheral system Our Certificate CE certification, ISO13485,CFDA Production Equipment Balloon-forming machine, Laser welding machine,Laser lettering machine,P&C lab,etc Production Market By far, we have partnership with countries of Finland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ukraine, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Iran, France, India, Nepal, Netherlands, Egypt, Hongkong etc. Our service Before sale, we will provide good consultation service During sale, prompt follow-up will be provided After sale, responsible and resolute to solve any concerning issues.China Vascular Guide Catheter website:

Customized 18 5 inch Monitor Avatar
Customized 18 5 inch Monitor
Created by fish46a on Feb, 17 2020 with 1 Members

TAICENN Introduction TAICENN, is a leading global provider and manufacturer of industrial panel PC, industrial display and industrial& embedded PC products, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports. Founded in Shenzhen, TAICENN Technology is developing very rapidly with our experienced staff who has been involved in industrial & embedded market for more than 10 years. TAICENN focuses on the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative industrial panel PC, industrial display and industrial & embedded PC solutions that have enabled TAICENN to respond to our customers' rapidly changing product and service needs. With a dedication to technology innovation, TAICENN provides our customers qualified products and timely technical support, that the clients can safely deploy with ease and confidence, increasing their ability to bring products to market quickly, and decreasing the maintenance costs without any business risk. Enterprise Development History 2009 established, HQ is located in Chengdu, 9 years' focus on industrial computer and display products. 2010 factory ISO9001: 2008 certificated; 2013 the first industrial PC company to propose 'Modularization design & manufacturing' concept; 2015 company start our plan to launch 'NEW OTC' stock market, Weapon equipment quality management system certification certificate; 2016 successfully boarded NEW OTC (Over the counter) stock market in china, Stock code: 838166. It was the first industrial PC company boarded stock market in china. And we aim to be the first industrial PC company IPO in chinese stock market; 2016 TAICENN founeded as a subsidiary of APUQI, focus on international business market. TAICENN Capability Rely on APUQI’s strength and technology, and its ISO quality management system, National military standard 9001B quality management system, combine with international market regularity and TAICENN own enterprise characteristics, TAICENN act as a separate company. TAICENN has our own professional sales and support system, and separate function technology team. As we promised, we aim to be the best solution provider & manufacturer brand from China mainland. TAICENN Sketch Industrial park Front desk Office room Production line TAICENN Technology Production line Warehouse Technical testing Manufacturing Enterprise PresentationCustomized 18.5 inch Monitor website:

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